Still typhoon season

11. October 2022, Tuesday
11° 6' 15" N, 119° 24' 27" E

Typhoon after typhoon has swept through the waters of the South China Sea and parts of the Philippines in recent weeks.
Thankfully we've been spared those devastating tropical storms so far this year here in Palawan, but they've brought us plenty of rain.
So we lay mostly in the bay of Corong Corong and witnessed for a few weeks how tourism is gradually finding its way back into this sleepy town.
Although the rush of tourists cannot be compared to the mass rush to Thailand, everything is still very manageable, but it was still too much for us.
As you know, we like the lonely places, the places where we can meet off-tourism, experience the real life on the islands, or if necessary just anchor somewhere in front of an enchanting white beach, enjoy the solitude. Not to forget that we finally find the time to write a logbook entry again.