A little civilisation

27. November 2022, Sunday
11° 14' 54" N, 119° 26' 36" E

Oops....so long ago that I wrote a log entry here? 

Well, I think that over the years and considering the slowness here on the islands, I've lost a bit of the sense of time. 

One day follows the next, Odin peacefully rocks us to sleep at the anchorage and I only get stress or problems from world events on the Internet. (Otherwise we would be here like the summer residence of the Prussian king Frederick the Great "Sanssouci" - without worry ;)

After all those weeks at the lonely anchorages we are now drawn back to busier anchorages for a while with other sailors, city life and the usual gossip of the sailing scene, as well as the occasional BBQ party on the beach. 

Corong Corong is the best anchorage at this time of the year, sheltered from the prevailing wind and sweltering. 

However, tourist boats rattle past us in the mornings and afternoons. Excited tourists wave at us and the boat drivers rush through the anchor field at full speed without guilt. In the evening calm returns and we enjoy life in "civilization" for a while before we are drawn back to the loneliness of the island world.