One of the greatest dangers

19. August 2022, Friday
12° 0' 36" N, 119° 52' 13" E

Sometimes I'm asked by readers of Odin's logbook if there aren't any dangers on such a long trip.
Of course, such a trip around the world to the most remote places also has its dangers!
For example, the danger of getting stuck somewhere in a place that is particularly beautiful.
For us it is therefore a warning sign when we feel particularly well and do not feel like lifting the anchor. But this is exactly what we do to avoid taking root.
So we left Busuanga Bay and are on our way to Puerto Princessa, the capital of Palawan.
We urgently need things that you can't get on the islands and also my visa has to be renewed and Frel's passport has to be extended or renewed.
However, we take our time and visit as many islands and islets as possible along the way.
We don't always find sheltered anchorages, but that doesn't stop us from making a quick visit when it's worth it. Drop the anchor for a few hours and then look for a sheltered bay.
Of course we looked at the nautical chart beforehand where we really wanted to go. Only we can hardly remember the names (at least I)
Try it yourself. Just remember three names out of six:
Maltatayok - Mangenguey - Malibinchiao - Popotopan - Malubutlubut - Darocotan!
And? does it work? ;)
Well, luckily I have this logbook since 2007 so that I can read at least part of the islands of this world trip.
Apart from the limited human memory, it is sometimes difficult to reproduce all the impressions and experiences with the local people and the wonderful tropical nature.
It's like trying to describe the grace and beauty of a rose from a photograph, for example. It is possible, but still so much is missing:

Touching the delicate petals, the scent or the painful touch of the sharp thorns. All of this is so much more than just looking at a picture and trying to describe the fragrance in words.

It's probably something like that sometimes when I try to convey my impressions of this trip.
But I'm doing my best and I hope it's interesting for some of you - or even an inspiration.
So, back to the three island names to remember. Well…..?