15 years on the road

10. August 2022, Wednesday
11° 59' 25" N, 119° 50' 47" E

Mid-August 2022.
Another anniversary!! 15 years non-stop with Odin on the road. I am sometimes surprised myself. ;)
Countless photos and hundreds of logbook entries have accumulated here during this time. Today there's something for the ears - not the eyes. ,)
2 years ago there was an episode of "Einfach Ausstieg" in which the journalist Nicolaus Kreuter interviewed me about my trip and the topic of leaving Germany.
Now, after another two years, I have the honor of being interviewed again for the 100th episode of the podcast at the request of the listeners. What happened in the two years. Listen for yourself: click here:

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And if you like, you can listen to the first episode of the podcast again instead of Layla. Do you look...uh...do you hear:

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