Andy & Mel - sailors stranded in paradise

24. July 2022, Sunday
12° 0' 56" N, 119° 58' 54" E

With many Western countries slipping from one crisis to the next thanks to the incompetence (in the worst case, intentional) of their politicians, many dream of getting off the hamster wheel

It doesn't always have to be sailing, a cottage on the beach, on a beautiful quiet island, away from all the stress seems desirable for many in times like these.
In Busuanga we meet the Englishman Andy and his partner Mel.
Both have been sailing Southeast Asia for years and in lockdown they came here to Busuanga Bay and it happened!
They found the spot where you want to stay for a while, or forever.
Andy bought a huge piece of mountainous jungle in the bay that I didn't think somebody could build anything like a house without destroying nature.
Andy and his partner have not only built one house but 4 for themselves.
This houses are the wet dream of every eco fan!

Almost all materials come from nature, palm leaves for the roofs, bamboo for the floors, the walls and house frames, natural stones made into walls, even old found branches serve their purpose- it just looks fantastic.

The walls are open to the outside and so there is always a light breeze blowing through the house.
You can only reach the place by ship, there is no road, only jungle paths from house to house that Andy has had to create in laborious work and thus you are safe from unwelcome neighbors.

However, Andy & Mel don't have to sacrifice comfort.
From the coffee machine, to the microwave, to the carbonated water maker and naturally running water, thanks to solar power everything is there that a luxury heart spoiled in the West would expect from a house in solitude.

To give the bay a chance to recover from overfishing, Andy has also leased part of the bay for years and installed secure moorings for passing yachts that will one day bear the cost of the lease.>

Andy a typical Englishman, politely reserved and soft-spoken.

The man & his girl impressed me with their little project, which they might one day want to open up to eco-tourism far from the madness of the world!
They impressed far more than those incompetent green eco-apostles and wannabe Gretas pushing through nonsensical and superfluous immature ideological projects for their own puny egos at taxpayer expense.

Respect, Andy & Mel.

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