11. July 2022, Monday
12° 0' 12" N, 120° 11' 20" E

Another island of the 7107 islands of the Philippines is now immortalized in our logbook: Busuanga!
Our supplies are once again at the end and so we have to head for Coron, the dusty capital of the island, first.
Coron Town is a lot like any of the luxury resorts on the Rivera... just different. ;)

Without much effort, an adventure film in the style of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill could be shot in the nest so...um...how should I put it...this dump is originally.

If you love adventure, this is the right place to get a taste of adventure.
We eat fresh provisions on the somewhat shabby "new market", wait for a rain front to pass through and begin to explore this island with all its many bays and islets.
Although it is the rainy season right now, there are still enough rain-free hours to go on discovery tours in this tropical paradise, where we have not met a single tourist so far.

I think we should hang around here for a while. ;)