"Dream Island Boracay"? No thanks!

26. June 2022, Sunday
12° 14' 12" N, 122° 0' 16" E

As beautiful as Conception Island has been and as much as we had enjoyed the kindness of its inhabitants, at some point it was time to sail on.
Our next destination was the island of Tablas and Romblon.
Idyllic country life, fishermen in their small outrigger canoes are out on the sea in the morning and in the evening to catch the next meal and at low tide you can see the entire village communities on the beach to collect shells and crabs, which then also end up in the cooking pot.
Even if there is hardly any work here, nobody has to starve because the rich tropical nature offers everything you need to live. Coconuts, cassavas, papayas, bananas and many other fruits and vegetables thrive and everyone manages their lives despite the low income.
The mentality of the islanders seems to be in a permanently stoned state due to the stress of the western lifestyle, even without drugs. I am sure that the burn-out syndrome is an unknown phenomenon here. ;)

For a few days now we have been anchoring in the large, well-protected bay of Looc, like on a village pond, and are considering where the journey should go now.
20 nautical miles south of here is the notorious party island of Boracay with its miles of snow-white beaches. Palm trees bend into the turquoise, crystal-clear water from the beach. Nice...there are also anchorages.
But a look at Google Satellite shows us a totally overbuilt island with no more room for nature. Shopping centers, bars, restaurants, McDonalds, annoying jet skis on the beach and lots of tourists.
Although Boracay was voted one of the most beautiful islands in the world by tourists, I don't know where these tourists have been before and what they compare it to.
Nope, we decide the loud party island of Boracay is not for us! We will not sail south but west to explore the southern tip of Mindoro. Soon... tomorrow... or next week... or... let's see. ;)