Single (Dog) Mom with 4 children

21. June 2020, Sunday
11° 7' 18" N, 119° 15' 31" E

If possible, we explore island by island, bay by bay in the calm waters here on the eastern tip of Palawan mostly by dinghy.
If the weather is a bit troubled, we drive with Odin to the next destination and anchor there until we continue to the next beach.
In a bay we noticed an apparently uninhabited hut in front of which a dog lived. What is the dog doing there alone?
Frel took the remaining portions from lunch (which I was actually looking forward to in the evening) to feed them to the dog. Bravo!
When we arrived on land and the hut, a surprise awaited us.
It was a dog mom with 4 young puppies.
Frel was blown away by the little balls of fur spotted like Holstein dairy cows.
From now on, extra large portions were cooked and the leftovers guaranteed to be brought to the dog family on the beach by Frel.
Everything should be fine with me, as long as she doesn't get the idea to adopt and bring one on board;)