05. June 2019, Wednesday
2° 11' 44" N, 102° 14' 52" E

Marina life is so booooring!

But after more than 2 weeks our spare part finally arrived and we could continue our way south through Mallaca Strait.

Boooooring that's so booooooring!
Hour after hour, we torture ourselves under engine against the flow towards Singapore.
No wind at all and so our diesel pollutes the world climate.
Yeah, we are responsible for the climate change!
It's only our fault!
Always these sailors!

As you know from the previous logbook entries, motoring or sailing at night is not an option. Everywhere unlit fishing boats or nets , unseen, (as unlit) block the way.
To crash into one of them in the dark in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world is no fun!
So we have to stay overnight at more or less comfortable anchorages.

After all this boring days, we are now fed up and need a break.

Malacca, the city that gave its name to the strait between Indonesia and Malaysia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and unfortunately we had not been able to visit it when driving north.
We now want to take this as an excuse to interrupt our trip for a few days.

A few miles south of the city is an magic island where there are fairies… and a ferry to Malacca.

Not the fairies, but the ferry connection convinced us to anchor in front of the island with the name Pulau Besar and take the ferry the next day to town.

Now, here is the part to tell you something about the rich history of this beautiful city.
About her Dutch, English, Portuguese and Arabian past, but I do not want to compete with Google or Wikipedia.
Let me just put it this way: we were totally thrilled by this city and I felt like being in a coastal town on the Mediterranean ... just a lot more exotic.

One thing was strange.
No drunk Swedes, English, Germans or other Europeans or Americans.
The city is teeming with Chinese tourists and I seemed to be the only white man.
So, if you want to be exotic in mass tourism, our tip: Malacca! ;)