Bad surprises!

20. May 2019, Monday
4° 12' 41" N, 100° 36' 6" E

Even a car can sometimes be a complicated thing that makes trouble.
Most of you certainly had this experience.

A ship is incomparably more complicated and the demands are many times higher.
It's like a moving house, cut off from public services.
Not only does this house have to provide transportation, whether with wind or diesel, but it also has its own power station, waterworks and apartment with all the things you have on land and much more that will be repaired and maintained.
Refrigerator, TV, computer, electronics or oven, you have certainly made your experience, there can always be problems somewhere.
Our home should also be able to swim and carry us over oceans and withstand storms while aggressively adding saltwater to equipment and the ship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Surprises are inevitable!

During a little stronger wind and rather rough waves, Frel discovered during the routine check of the bilge that there was water where it did not belong.
About a bucket of salt water I could get out the bilge. No problem, just ... where does it come from?

For a few days we searched until, by chance, in heavy seas, we discovered a small trickle on the shaft of the bow thruster, which ran from there into the bilge whenever Odin crashed hard into the sea.
A small repair that only requires the replacement of a seal ring ....
only ... the ship has to go on the hard again!

So back to Pangkor , where there is a possibility to get Odin for just 500 euros for an hour out of the water to perform the repair.
It will be a quick job , because we have spare parts on board!

Another surprise.
While we wait for the date to get out of the water, I routinely check the oil level of the engine as I notice a little oil spill in the engine compartment. What is going on? The engine is almost new!
Checking the unit does not reveal any signs of leaks.
The oil comes from one of the 4 engine mounts.
Hmmmm .... "That's made of rubber ?! ... How can that be?"

Google is consulted and I learn that there are also rubber engine mounts with oil damping.

We decide to spend a day or two in the marina after bow thruster´s repair to replace all 4 engine mounts ... only ... there are no such spare parts anywhere in Malaysia. Not even in Thailand or Singapore.

We contacted the manufacturer in Holland, but they will not send the spare parts to Malaysia for territorial protection only to Singapore. From there they will send the items to Malaysia. Very uncomplicated ;)

Now we are for some time in the Pangkor Marina and it feels like a campsite in Europe ... .only much warmer!
Sailing is sooo beautiful! ;)