problems with the technology

14. August 2014, Thursday
18° 7' 21" S, 178° 25' 43" E

Technical problems forced us to return to Suva, the rainy capital of Fiji.
One of the alternators of the boat's diesel had started spinning and suddenly delivered far too high charging currents. We also wanted to check whether the ordered batteries had arrived, because the old ones are slowly giving up... and the most important thing; we ran out of beer. a real tragedy for every sailor!!!!!!
To make it short, I was able to repair the alternator by installing a new regulator, the beer supply is refilled, only the new AGM batteries still haven't arrived after more than six weeks :(
So the motto continues: Let the generator run every day and try to save electricity!
Admittedly, that all sounds a bit boring if it weren't for the sea snake in the dinghy.
Sea snakes are among the most poisonous animals in the world, but they do not have an aggressive nature and we are always happy when we meet such beautiful, elegant swimmers while diving.
However, the joy is not sooooo great when you climb into your dinghy on a pitch-dark night and discover by chance that the cute little animal has chosen this as a place to sleep.
Despite her sunny disposition, she would certainly not have been thrilled by an accidental step on her head.
But luckily nobody got too close to the other and Uts gently brought the little animal back into the water with the boat hook...sissy! I would have done it by hand ;)