24. August 2014, Sunday
18° 7' 20" S, 178° 25' 43" E

We are still in Suva, the largest city in the entire South Pacific.
The most gigantic metropolis within hundreds of thousands of square kilometers!
Well, you know, Suva is only about the size of Würzburg....but everything is much, much more provincial ;)
But once a year, the bear tap-dances here.....well, the raccoon....or rather the dwarf hamster.
Since Shrove Monday procession, CSD, Oktoberfest and all beauty elections fall in one week. Then it's Hibiscus Festival. GOLDEN!
Although the sweets are not thrown out during the parade, as is the case with us, but are distributed individually to the lucky ones, the beauty elections are big! Fijians love beauty pageants!
Masses of election posters and whole hordes of supporters are fighting for their favourites.
Hahaha, what a title, just great:
Miss Vodaphone is elected, Miss Bag Soup, Miss Flatrate, Mister best car salesman, Miss Rent a car, Miss Hibiscus, Miss Gay, even Miss Sonnenpanele, etc. Wonderful, the Fijians have an unwanted sense of humor!
Then the folk festival with its fairground ride and other attractions....sooooo cute....but look at the pictures.