time millionaires

5. August 2014, Tuesday
18° 23' 13" S, 178° 7' 26" E

Uiiiiii....but so much time has passed since our last entry in the logbook.
We kindly ask you to excuse this, of course, but we are not that petty, after all we can afford it!
You know we are millionaires...TIME MILLIONAIRES!
It can sometimes happen that you simply forget something as banal as the dreary time.
We are on Beqa Island, south of Viti Levu.
An island where there are half a dozen villages, but not a single road, let alone a car.
We were here 2 years ago and fell in love with this island and its lovely people. This is real old Fiji.
The island is famous for the men who walk barefoot over glowing stones and feed the huge tiger sharks by hand.
Now, in August and September, gigantic humpback whales with their young pass the islands on their way to Antarctica and use the warm waters of the South Sea as a nursery.
A fantastic event: whale watching without tourists.
Otherwise, here on Beqa, one day is as quiet as the other and the highlight of the week is Sunday with 3x church. Great.
Well, we live with the people when we anchor in front of their villages, eat the same, respect their customs, they share what little they have with us and we share with them.
Well, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go to the village church with them at least once on a Sunday.
They're as happy as the snow kings.
But it's not that bad, because the singing of the choirs is beautiful and the sermons are in Fijian. We don't understand a word. Good this way!