Cyclone season is approaching

20. November 2013, Wednesday
16° 46' 36" S, 179° 20' 0" E

Well, my dears, that's the way it is
While it's getting colder and colder in the northern hemisphere over the next few weeks, start here, south of the equator. slowly but surely the tropical summer.
The temperatures during the day will not only be a freezing 28 degrees, but it will be really hot...but that's also the beginning of the cyclone season.

We had to experience here in December last year what forces such a tropical cyclone can develop. The worst cyclone in over 40 years.
You learn from it!
So this time we have chosen a loophole on the island of Vanua Levu, which is one of the safest in a radius of tens of thousands of square kilometers:
The Copra Shed Marina in the small town of Savu Savu,
Protected by mainland and islands, waves can hardly build up here in the creek, even in a storm, and we are also anchored to a cyclone-proof mooring, which should then hold what the marina management promises us in the worst case.
But the nice thing about it is not only the security, but also the fact that this is an enchanting piece of earth.
But sailing will continue, Odin shouldn't get stuck in the harbor.
However, the trips will not go too far, because in 2 to 3 days we should be able to reach our safe harbor in Savu Savu if there is a cyclone alarm.