14. November 2013, Thursday
Position unbekannt

To make one thing clear:
No, I'm not crazy and talk to plants!
Well, I like them, I even like some of them, prepared with salt, pepper, vinegar and oil, to eat.
However, there are also specimens in front of which one simply stands in amazement and admires their uniqueness.
Such old giants, with their gnarled bark, the gigantic trunks
and branches, are a whole universe for many other species.
They are a habitat for mosses, ferns, many other plants that we know as ornamental plants, orchids, even smaller trees grow on them, climbing plants hang up from below and birds, lizards or frogs live in the branches and use them as nurseries.

How often have I stood in front of such wonders of botany in the tropics and tried to capture their fascination with the camera, only to find out how inadequate such a picture is.
It's not enough to just give your girlfriend a photo of a bouquet of flowers...somehow something is missing. ;)