Uts goes Bangkok

26. November 2013, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

The crew has left the Odin.
Now that the yacht has found a safe haven just in case, Uts has disembarked.
I'll be on board alone for about three to four months, while Uts has flown to Bangkok in the meantime to support her brother in founding a company.
And while she's in Thailand, it's only a relatively short hop to Germany, which is also on the agenda for the next few months.

For my part, I prefer to stay on board and in the South Seas.
Honestly, what am I supposed to do in cold Germany, or in overcrowded Bangkok?
In the next few weeks I will also be sailing solo across the islands, but first small beauty repairs are the order of the day. (No, not on me, but on the Odin;)