Beware of coconuts

7. November 2013, Thursday
16° 45' 11" S, 179° 53' 39" E

In addition to the countries, the nature and the people, it is the stories that these people have to tell that make such a long journey so exciting.
The stories are exciting, funny or sad, just like Big Jack's.
We meet him in Viani Bay on the island of Vanualevu.
Jack, like most people here, is very in children.
He calls eleven children his own and actually there would be twelve if it weren't for the number one cause of accidents on the islands, the coconut.

It was a special Sunday many years ago because his youngest baby was to be christened.
Not a draft stirred and the sun was already burning hot in the early morning hours from the cloudless blue sky.
The elder sister held the infant in her arms, head on her shoulder, and waited in the shade of a coconut tree for the mass to begin.
Just then, one of the heavy coconuts fell, hitting the baby and cracking his little skull.
A sad story, but it's been a few years.
Coconuts that fall from palm trees with a pressure of up to a ton claim hundreds of deaths every year worldwide!
Keep that in mind next time you're in the tropics!