Rabi Island

31. October 2013, Thursday
16° 29' 48" S, 179° 58' 1" W

On Rabi Island we met two other yachts and their crews.
Luna Blu from Switzerland and Kestrel from Canada.
The Canadians are actually two Germans who emigrated to Canada. But it was also too cramped for them there, so they bought a ship and now enjoy the freedom of the seas.
With the 3 yachts we drove to the main town of Rabis, because the national holiday was approaching.
We were immediately invited as guests of honor, given wreaths of flowers and once again enchanted by the hospitality of the South Seas.
The Banabanese on Rabi cultivate their culture with sensual, seductive dances from their old home, Ocean Island.
There are never tourists here so we were the attraction of the National Day.
Everyone was asked to dance, en masse and again and again bedazzled with baby powder and sprayed with cheap perfume.
Now, while we were beautiful and smelling good, the somewhat stiff European dance style, which compared to the graceful movements of Polynesian dances makes a dancing bear look downright elegant, was the laugh of the season and made us feel like beloved village idiots. ;)))