Beqa keeps us spellbound

18. November 2012, Sunday
Position unbekannt

We are still on the island of Beqa, anchored in the deep cut inland
Malumu Bay.
Much reminds us of the anchorages in front of the primeval forests and mangroves of Panama,
If it weren't for this incredible silence.
While in Panama the air was filled with all sorts of cries of birds and monkeys,
it's as if someone had wrapped our heads in cotton wool.
We sit in the cockpit and are of an inner peace, like two Buddhists,
after 24 hours intense OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...
Anyway, the Malumu Bay on Beqa, will us as one of the quietest and most peaceful
places in the world to remember.
So now we also know what Simon and Garfunkel did with their song The sound of silence
meant ;o)