Dry like British humor

25. November 2012, Sunday
17° 46' 27" S, 177° 11' 52" E

We are heading WNW to get to the Western Islands of Fiji.
Our amazement is not bad when we notice the changed vegetation here.
No more lush primeval forests, but the islands look from afar almost like the landscapes in the Allgaeu, gentle green hills, covered by individual trees and grass.
Something else is significantly different than on the south coast. It doesn't rain that often here!
Uts is already jittery as a puppy because she really wants to hike across the island's mountainous landscape. When we then meet our friends Heinz and Andrea from the YapYum and get to know the crew of the Taurus, I can't find an excuse, but have to go with them to hike across the island in the midday heat.
Well, dear friends, what do we learn from this?
Right: Life is not a request concert! ;O)))