mother's death

21. July 2012, Saturday
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Uts came back on board on the 16th after 4 months, but the joy of seeing each other was marred by the sudden death of my mother the day before.
It's almost like in real life, happiness and tragedy are often very close together.
Now I'm probably an orphan... strange feeling :o(
Even if I haven't had much contact with my mother in recent years, also due to this trip, a mother is still a mother and with her death a part of you also dies.
One consolation is that she didn't have a long, serious illness, didn't have to suffer too much and slept peacefully across from the coma.
I don't even have to go to her funeral to say goodbye to a wooden box. I remember her as I knew her...with all her strengths and weaknesses.
In such moments one wishes one could say so much more, such as... Dear mother, thank you for everything.