Haiva Festival

14. July 2012, Saturday
16° 31' 18" S, 151° 44' 45" W

Of course, the Haiva Festival isn't just the biggest sporting event and party for tens of thousands of square miles, it's also the biggest folk festival. Just like the Oktoberfest... just completely different! ;O))
While three-loop roller coasters are almost standard at every village festival in Germany, the following attractions can be found here:
WHEEL OF LUCK!!!......... uuuuuuuuuand......TABLE FOOTBALL!!!
Yes, a real gambling den was set up, even with a crooked roulette table, which will then be dismantled again at the end of Haiva.
Then the gambling life is over!
In the absence of ugly marquees are here for catering
loving huts erected for the time of the festival.
Inside and out, these “restaurants” are a feast for the eyes.
Fresh flowers and plants every day wherever you look. (Even in the "Restaurant" restrooms.)
While in the Caribbean and South America everything was just carelessly spat out and away from the tourist hotels it was incredibly dirty, after more than a year in French Polynesia I am still enthusiastic about the decoration joy of the people here.