Bye bye Bora Bora

29. July 2012, Sunday
16° 30' 16" S, 151° 42' 49" W

It's strange, one lives in Germany for years in the same place, on the same street, often without getting to know the neighbors.
Completely different with cruising.
You don't know each other either, you come from different countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Austria, Germany etc.
However, the love for the sea, for sailing and curiosity about other people and cultures connects you.
If you make an announcement over the radio at an anchorage that someone is lighting a fire on the beach for a barbecue, almost everyone turns up.
You get to know each other, share experiences and maybe meet again sometime, somewhere, thousands of miles away in another place.
Such as Heinz and Andrea from the yacht YapYum, who have crossed our path again and again since the Marquesas.
We've hung out in French Polynesia long enough!
Odin cruised Polynesian waters for over a year. From our pictures and logbook entries you could see why we enjoyed the islands and their hospitality for so long.
Still, now it's time to weigh anchor and turn the bow of our trusty yacht in another direction.
Our next destination, as soon as we have provisions at the “cheap” prices here and the right wind is blowing, is the uninhabited Suvarow Atoll. A bird paradise about 1800 km WNW of Bora Bora. For Pacific conditions only a stone's throw ;o)
But uninhabited also means no internet or telephone.
When we arrive at our next but one destination, Tonga, you will find out whether it really is as paradisiacal there as the writer Tom Neale, who lived there as a voluntary “Robinson” from 1952 until his death in 1977, writes in his books.