The South Sea is boiling! Haiva!

8. July 2012, Sunday
16° 31' 20" S, 151° 44' 57" W

Dance competitions, fruit carrier races or coconut javelin throwing, most of the Haiva Festival sports here on Bora Bora will never make it to the Olympics.
However, it would look different with the outrigger canoe, that's really stylish!
From the ultra-light one-man runabout to the 10-person canoe catamaran. Paddling these things is the national sport of the Polynesians and is really rewarding.
These long, slender boats plow through the water at incredible speed.
Real freaks surf high waves on the outer reef with these things like with surfboards.
The paddlers spend hours a day training with outrigger canoes on the water all year round (... at least until one day, like so many Polynesians, they discover eating as a hobby ;o)