Haiva in Bora Bora

1. July 2012, Sunday
16° 30' 24" S, 151° 45' 10" W

What the European Football Championship or World Cup or the Olympic Games are for the rest of the world, the Haiva Festival is for Polynesia.
For three weeks, Bora Bora, after Tahiti, is the largest sporting event and party in a radius of tens of thousands of square kilometers. (A feat of distances;o)
Almost everyone here is a spectator and an actor at the same time, because otherwise it would not be possible for this small island, with a few thousand inhabitants, to put on such a festival.
One of the most important competitions are the dance events.
It's great to see how much fun and energy the little ones have.
Although there are also a number of women, whose figures hardly correspond to model dimensions (at most for oversize), they still move with a grace that only the inhabitants of the South Seas can, and compared to which the most beautiful oriental belly dance just seems clumsy.
I can well imagine that the old seafarers, in the days of Captain Cook, after many months of hardship at sea, went completely crazy with such seductive movements and sights and first bit the anchor ;o)