BBQ party on Bora Bora

24. June 2012, Sunday
Position unbekannt

Let's be honest:
Arranging a barbecue party at home is sometimes difficult.
When, where, does everyone have time, is the weather right, etc.
It's a lot easier on a circumnavigation!
You meet by chance at an anchorage and spontaneously you collect wood on a lonely beach, somehow cobble together a grill and start a fire.
So I was very happy to meet Frank and Doerte from the yacht Elan again, whom we got to know in Colombia and whom we "crossed paths" again and again on the way.
So now also here on Bora Bora.
It was nice to meet them again... and who knows, the world is small.
Even if our planned routes are now separated by thousands of miles, the hope remains that one day we will meet again at an anchorage. A grill is quickly made ;o)