14. June 2012, Thursday
16° 27' 35" S, 151° 44' 0" W

Of course, Bora Bora is a diva! And what a!!!
It is also correspondingly expensive.
If you want, you can get rid of your life savings here within a few weeks, so many hotels are so exclusive.
But the prices in the only real supermarket on the island are diva-like.
Some examples from today's purchase:
1 KG tomatoes 9.50 euros, 1 KG red peppers 12.50 euros!
But also important staple foods, such as 1 fl. Wheat beer 5.50 euros proves that the pretty diva makes it easy for you, because you don't necessarily have to go to expensive restaurants to get rid of your money, a normal supermarket is enough ;o)
OK, let's see it this way: Monaco, Cannes or Monte Carlo are also expensive, but overcrowded by a lousy ...... and not nearly as beautiful and exotic ;o)