Steffan's tragic death

15. October 2011, Saturday
14° 57' 0" S, 147° 46' 17" W

Hollywood often makes gruesome films.
But life can be infinitely crueler!
The news about our friend Stefan is currently going through the media worldwide that he was murdered with a probability bordering on certainty.
Many of you have also written to us and informed us.
We have known about the horrible event for days and are shocked that something like this can happen here.
French Polynesia is one of the safest countries of our trip so far and the people are the kindest we have met so far.....and now this horror experience.
I don't want to go into details here, you know most of them from the media anyway, just this much: Stefan and Heike, whom I met with their catamaran Baju in Turkey in 2008, are me and also Uts, dear friends. It was always a nice experience when our paths crossed on this trip around the world.
I can't find any words that do justice to such a situation.
I feel sorry for Stefan's parents, whom I wish a lot of strength in this situation.
Above all, we feel sorry for Heike, an incredibly strong woman, and we admire her for mastering this situation, with everything that goes with it, at the moment.
Forget all the problems you have in the face of this story.
Without Stefan, this lively, always in a good mood, child-like sunshine, there is now a big black cloud hanging over the South Seas paradise.