Life goes on

20. October 2011, Thursday
14° 57' 6" S, 147° 43' 46" W

In the current situation, the sad event with Stefan, we are happy to have a place here in the atoll that distracts us from this terrible crime.
"Live goes on"
The day passes here with diving, snorkeling, a lot of talking, reading, or roaming the islands.
We try to let our life find its usual rhythm
It is planned to drop anchor tomorrow to sail back to Tahiti for the time being, and from there I intend to fly to Nuku Hiva.
Nuku Hiva, the island in the Marquesas that enchanted us so much in July and to which we now only associate the horrific crime..
There I meet Hannes von der Pukuri, also a friend of Stefan's and Stefan's father, who came from Germany.
It is planned that we will sail the Baju, Stefan's catamaran, the 1500 km to Tahiti to bring him to safety before the impending cyclone season..