10. OctOctOctOct 2011

10. October 2011, Monday
15° 5' 36" S, 147° 55' 19" W

A friend sent me a message on Facebook and told me that autumn is coming again in Germany. (Great info. Thanks!)
He writes that he enjoys the change of seasons and asks if we don't miss something since we have eternal summer.
We thought about it for a moment and came to the following conclusion:
We are anchored at the Blue Lagoon with an air temperature of 32 degrees and a water temperature of 26 degrees.
A small lagoon in the middle of the huge atoll of Rangiroa.
We can't get enough of the play of colors in the water and how the trade wind blows through the tops of the palm trees. We also can't get enough of roaming the small islands to enjoy their beauty and uniqueness.
For days we have been the only ship anchored here and apart from a family of fishermen who live here on the motu (small island), we are the only people far and wide.
We enjoy the world above and below water.
The countless coral reefs and coral banks, which we fear so much when sailing in the atoll, always amaze us when diving and snorkeling at the diversity of the South Seas.
To be honest, who needs autumn or winter?!