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4. October 2011, Tuesday
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Every time I hear Black Pearl I think of Jack Sparrow's pirate ship...sorry Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
However, black pearls are probably the best-known export product from the South Seas.
Long gone are the days when these oysters were found at the bottom of the lagoons.
Today they are bred with an incredible amount of effort.
We had the opportunity to visit one such pearl farm and were amazed at the knowledge it takes to grow these gems.
It takes many years before an oyster prepared in this way bears a pearl.
Opening the shell is every time as exciting as a game of roulette.
What is inside her? darling or trash?
The variety, the shape, the color, the size, the shine, all this is reflected in the price of each pearl.
From 10 to 100,000 euros per copy, there is something for everyone ;o)
We think each and every one of these velvety, shimmering "tears of the sea" is beautiful and each one is a unique piece of the South Seas.