First traces of Gauguin

1. April 2011, Friday
8° 47' 19" N, 79° 33' 36" W

There are many things that were inspiration and motivation for this trip.
Films, experiences, friends, love for the sea, for sailing, books, wanderlust, or also, for example, Paul Guguin's passion and longing in his expressive pictures of Tahitian women.
Long before we land in the South Pacific, we come across his tracks here on an island near Panama City.
His wonderful works almost never came about, because Gauguin originally wanted to settle here, on Isla Taboga.
However, the property prices were too expensive at that time - and he was not exactly wealthy, so he traveled on to Tahiti.
One can understand the Frenchman's desire to settle here, because the island, nicknamed by its friendly residents of Isla de las Flores, Island of Flowers, is a small paradise.
Odin took a few days off from the restless anchorages and stress of Panama City. Errands have to wait, because after all we are time millionaires ;o)
Now we are here in front of Taboga, countless frigatebirds and pelicans circling above us, which have their breeding grounds here.
Between the pastel-colored houses and the narrow streets on land, orleanders, bougainvilleas, hibiscus, jasmine and many other flowers whose names we do not even know bloom.
From Monday to Friday, Isla Taboga, which was a notorious pirate nest in the 16th century, is pure idyll.
Then, over the weekend, with ferries, many city-weary residents of Panama City arrive - and the island wakes up from its Sleeping Beauty sleep for 2 days.
The spook will be over by Sunday evening at the latest - and Paul Gauguin would have fun again on the "Isla de las Flores".