15. April 2011, Friday
Position unbekannt

Yes, I know exactly what you are thinking:
That's right, a new logbook entry is long overdue.
To be honest, we've been lazy for a bit too long and our to-do list has gotten longer and longer, but it seems to be coming to an end.
In all the stress, we were particularly happy about a small change, because Heike and Steffan, our friends from the catamaran Baju are now on the Atlantic side in Porto Belo and visited us here in Panama City before our big trip to the South Pacific.
It was nice to chat about old times and friends, because after all I've known them both since the beginning of this trip in 2007 and during this time we "accidentally" crossed paths again and again ;o)
We hope to see the two of them safely again in the South Seas or in Southeast Asia at the latest.
Unfortunately, the visit was only one night and we are right in the middle of it again, instead of just being there.
So, let's go, the list is still long.