Panama City

25. March 2011, Friday
8° 59' 36" N, 79° 30' 33" W

Well, dear ones, how do we describe Panama City to you?
The old town with its many dilapidated houses, but also with its partially lovingly restored buildings, are reminiscent of Havana. The banking center with its skyscrapers and the waterfront could just as well stand for Hong Kong. The villa areas of the rich have something of Beverly Hills, while the polluted and neglected tenements of the common population can compete with any African metropolis.

Armed with the camera, we could shoot countless motifs all day long, but no matter how many pictures we took, we would never be able to capture the flair of Panama City.

Apart from that, there is a lot of stress at the moment, errands are being run, repairs are being commissioned, provisions are being made, spare parts are being sourced, etc., etc.
All this in a 3 million city that is pure chaos when it comes to such things....