steel rat

2. November 2010, Tuesday
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Admittedly, the lady is not the youngest anymore, to be precise she is 107 years old. Yet her charm is irresistible!

Just the sound of their gigantic engine, which at 280 rpm. makes every Harley Davidson sound like a Formula 1 car inspires us.
The lady's name is Steel Rat.

She is a former German offshore fishing sailor and has been chartering the Caribbean for decades.
Ludwig, the captain took us on a tour of the old girl.
Fantastic! Stahlratte is not a museum ship, but does its job well, albeit partially equipped with new parts.
For example, the previously motorless glider was only recently - namely in 1954 - modified with a motor.

The owner of the rustic steel ship is a club and sailing is more than cheap, but only members can do so.
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