Autumn.... in Germany

26. October 2010, Tuesday
9° 34' 20" N, 78° 51' 43" W

It's the end of October and we're sitting on deck watching the sun go down.
Today was a terribly windless day and the tropical sun dried out our brains quite a bit around noon with 35 degrees Celsius, without the usual trade wind blowing.
One is almost too lazy to fall into the 28 degree warm water. We would like a little more coolness.

We're talking about Germany and the fact that the days there are now much shorter and the weather is showing its unpleasant side.
It takes effort to go out the door.
The first Christmas decorations are definitely already in the shops and the most unpleasant of all months, November, is still to come. Drizzle, the first night frost, etc. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Oh no, let's go with the coolness, tomorrow the Passat will definitely start again and then there is no place where we would rather be than here at the moment.