Pirate Warning

6. November 2010, Saturday
Position unbekannt

Hurricane Tomas is the 20th hurricane of the season and is unusually raging below latitude 12 degrees north.
It doesn't affect us directly, but its foothills, that was clear, will give us a west wind direction.
The right wind to set course for Cartagena/Colombia.
The sailing guru and circumnavigator Bobby Schenk writes in his book Blauwassersegeln” as a travel tip:

Colombia (Caribbean side)
Here it is important to stay away from the coast, as it happens again and again that yachts are attacked by pirates.

We take the warning as a reason to be cautious, but the only thing that really worries us is the huge tree trunks floating through the sea after a hurricane.
Ramming into such a thing with full power... we can imagine more pleasant encounters.
After 33 hours of rapid sailing we are off Cartagena and are trying to find the passage over an underwater wall in strong winds and high waves, which the old Spaniards built centuries ago to protect against pirates.
Since we don't have an exact harbor handbook, it's a really queasy feeling to race towards such a massive obstacle at full speed, even if the spot is buoyed.
With more than enough adrenaline, we stomp over “the wall” with Odin, hit a big wave and are now in the uninviting, dirty harbor water of Cartagena.

The usual procedure follows: Agents search to check in, restaurant, supermarket and sleep in.
What else Cartagena has to offer, we will find out (hopefully without being robbed) in the next few days.