Caribbean logic

23. June 2010, Wednesday
12° 31' 39" N, 81° 43' 23" W

It's really fascinating how different the Caribbean mentalities are.
While the average Cuban, for example, manages to restore a can of KITEKAT or a bowl of SHEBA from every pile of cat poop, the Colombian uses his technical device without any maintenance until it falls apart or nothing works at all.
Yesterday I sat at a beach bar with some locals, answered curious questions about Germany and, for example, tried to explain what the TÜV is.


There is unanimous opinion that the Germans are crazy.
As long as something works, it's good, if necessary, a piece of wire in the right place can do wonders. Why bother with something like security?!
Let the others be careful - and logically you are also responsible for yourself! Hmmmm... South American Caribbean logic.
So the next time you don't get through the MOT with your car or motorbike, just give the MOT official a trip to Colombia. That hardens!