The island of Hans

6. July 2010, Tuesday
12° 33' 9" N, 81° 41' 19" W

Isla Hanes - somehow that doesn't sound South American at all.

We took a dinghy to this little palm tree covered island after hearing its story.

Hanes actually stands for Hans.
A former German soldier of fortune and foreign legionnaire who ended up here a few years ago.
He fell in love with the small island and simply bought it from the then governor.
He wanted to build a restaurant and other tourist facilities.

So far so good.
Only the stupid thing is that the said governor was not authorized to sell this island. And certainly not entitled to put the proceeds from the sale into your own pocket.
Without further ado, the poor "Hans im Pech" was expropriated and the island with the buildings already erected by the German was leased to locals.
This is South America ;o)))