Pirates of the Caribbean

16. June 2010, Wednesday
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Pirates are not always just a romantic Hollywood fantasy a la Johnny Depp, but unfortunately a global reality. Also here in the Caribbean.
Whether organized criminal gangs or destitute, often drug-addicted fishermen who have nothing to lose, they seize every opportunity that presents itself.
A yacht, no matter how small, represents incredible wealth for these people.
Looting these ships is still the harmless option.
Kidnappings for ransom or the witnesses "eliminate" the more unpleasant variant.
For this reason, the discussion about firearms on board is quite lively among sailors.

A few days ago a 9m small American yacht arrived here. A boat that really doesn't look like the owner is a multi-millionaire.
Nevertheless, this small sailing ship fell victim to a pirate attack off the coast of Nicaragua.
By far not the only thing we have encountered on our trip so far.

Six demolished figures, armed with machetes and fishing rakes, rammed their punt into the small yacht and boarded it.
The skipper fled inside the ship and barricaded himself there because he had no chance against 6 criminals who were "only" armed with knives.
The swell was so strong that the gangsters couldn't break open the companionway door with their machetes
But they stole everything that wasn't nailed down and nailed down.
They cut all the ropes, hawsers, fenders, the dinghy and the motor, all the anchors, even the sheets of the sails and stole them.
Lucky in misfortune: Chris, as the skipper was called, was able to continue the rest of the journey under the motor.

Now back to the firearms:
If Chris had had any, pistol or rifle, then it would have been enough to show them or shoot them in the air and the pirates would have gone crazy in that case.
Even if they have nothing to lose, they still value their lives.

Now ask yourself the question:
Would you have weapons on board if you made such a journey?