21. April 2010, Wednesday
13° 31' 4" N, 81° 20' 27" W

Isn't it nice that life is so full of surprises?!
Whenever you think you can't get much more beauty than that, nature goes one step further!

Our position:
13 deg-31 min-045 sec NORTH
81 deg-19min-881 sec WEST

After almost 80 hours of non-stop sailing, we arrived at this dreamlike anchorage, a reef that gives us a foretaste of South Sea atolls.
300 km off the coast of Nicaragua we anchor, so to speak, in the middle of the sea at a depth of 5m.
The reef breaks the waves rolling in far from Africa and we lie calmly in the crystal clear water like in a swimming pool - unbelievable!
Odin's bow points east.
If we were to go straight in this direction now, the nearest mainland would be 8000 km away - Senegal.

The wind that carried us has died down with our arrival, as if it wants to keep us in this enchanting place.

All right, then let's just hold on and take a few days' vacation 