Cayman Islands

11. April 2010, Sunday
19° 18' 12" N, 81° 14' 57" W

On this voyage since 2007, Odin called at countless ports and bays.
Most of the time, the harbor water in front of the cities was moderately ok to ridiculously dirty.
The really beautiful spots, the dream bays, they are JWD (Janz far outside).

Never before has we had an anchorage right in front of a capital, only about 100m from the busy main road, where the water was as clear and the underwater world as intact as here on the Cayman Islands.
We can jump into the water directly from the Odin with full diving gear and don't have to take the dinghy to reefs that are forever far away.
Not only intact corals and the beautiful underwater landscape inspire us, but also the abundance of fish right in front of a busy city - fantastic!
From diving straight to shopping - uts is over the moon.

Yes - everything would be perfect - if it weren't for our alternator which gave up the ghost yesterday because it was installed incorrectly by a super mechanic (not me!) and for which there is no replacement on the island :o(
sailing life!!!

Now it's time to improvise again. Luckily the engine has a second alternator. Well, as you can see, we never get bored ;o)