25. April 2010, Sunday
13° 22' 44" N, 81° 22' 52" W

We are on Isla Providencia!

What, how, you've never heard of the island??????
It doesn't matter, neither did we before ;)

It was only by chance that we discovered the island on our nautical charts a few weeks ago.
A Colombian sailing friend said we absolutely had to visit this island and so we changed our travel plans to the south at short notice.

Although Providencia is off the coast of Nicaragua, it is politically part of Colombia.
Like a green, fat sea turtle with a densely overgrown carapace, this sleepy island lay in front of our bow when we approached.

Palm tree on palm tree and the mountainous jungle would be the ideal location for a pirate film a la Hollywood.
Even the past catches up with the imagination here, because this is where the notorious pirate Captain Morgan is said to have had one of his treasure hiding places (unfortunately we didn't find any of it when we explored the island).
The people who live in the dreamy island capital of Santa Isabeth are friendly and although they are actually Colombians, they supposedly speak English.
However, they have "violated" this language so much that you have to listen very carefully to even understand a word of it ;o).