When you can't do what you want to

04. July 2021, Sunday
11° 8' 4" N, 119° 14' 46" E

While the corona virus is on the decline in the western world, hardly anything seems to be changing here in south-east Asia.
The numbers have been almost constant every day for weeks. Whether this is a virus-specific phenomenon or simply because of the limited number of tests available, everyone can think about it for themselves.
Whether there is a sufficient vaccination capacity here is another individual guessing game. ;)

There is still lockdown, but as you know from previous logbook entries, the whole thing is a little more relaxed here.
Although there is a "rag in front of the face" rule that is largely adhered to for weeks with the same infected rag, people have to eat and work to survive. And so restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians, shops and markets are open every day until 8 p.m.
Out of necessity, people take it much more easily than in the West.

However, we actually want to continue our journey after more than 15 months, but Asia is still largely closed to us sailors at the moment.
Although we could sail east into the island world of the Visayas with a special permit, but the approaching typhoon season is preventing us from doing so, as we are a bit safer from these threatening forces of nature here on Palawan.
Ok I know, all of this is whining on a high level, because we can visit this wonderful island world of Palawan, with all its bays and anchorages and we don't live in a house with the same view every day, the same neighbors, besides that.. have the largest swimming pool in the world.
So that there are no false assumptions:
NO ... we don't suffer from the circumnavigation blues!

Just the fact that we can not travel at the moment as we are used to, is like loosing the freedom under sails that every cruiser loves.

What the hell!?
Let's make the best out of it!

Life under sails is beautiful