95 years young and still on the move with his own ship

14. June 2021, Monday
11° 13' 36" N, 119° 23' 8" E

Robert Fabre, probably the world's oldest active cruiser, is celebrating his 95th birthday !!!! birthday

In 1952 most of us weren't even born, he bought his first boat.
In 1972 he started his circumnavigation which took him 4 times around the globe.
He lost a ship off New Zealand, suffered a broken mast and must have experienced almost everything that can be experienced in an eventful and long sailing life.

During all this time his first wife died and for more than 20 years he has been sailing the oceans with his current partner Haidee.
A woman on board, sailor and navigator as one could wish for. She repairs engines, installs new batteries and is a fabulous cook too.
He has never marketed his story, has never been to a sailing club, has never written a book, but just enjoyed life at sea and freedom.
Even now at 95 he is not thinking of moving into a house, but wants to live on the ship as before.
While others of this age are sitting in wheelchairs in the retirement home, he still climbs up the side of his ship from the dinghy. Not as fast and flexible as it was 10 years ago, but definitely fitter than most who are 20 years younger.
What a motivation and inspiration for all of us.
(Life under sail seems to be very healthy.)
And so the anchorage in front of Cadlao has been filled up in the last few days as you can only experience it outside of Corona times.
Almost all sailors who got stuck in the area because of the worldwide lockdown have come to celebrate his 95th birthday with Robert.