Time travel Part 1

17. August 2021, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

The year is 2007.
More precisely on August 17, 2007.
So exactly 14 years ago to the day.
Hardly anyone except knows what Facebook is and I Phone doesn't exist yet.
The German national team was still called the national team - not "the team" and not even name dancers lead meaningless gender debates.
The refugee crisis is a foreign word, the Greens are under 10%, a rainbow is just a beautiful natural spectacle and Corona is a terrible tasting beer from South America.

Exactly on this day my usual life in Germany ends so that I can live my dream of sailing the world in freedom with my ship.
Getting to know countries and peoples that I had previously only learned about from books or television programs.
To cross the largest seas in the world with the feeling of limitless freedom.

The world has changed a lot since 2007.
But since 2020 it seems to have been out of joint.

The unlimited freedom on the seas has also stopped for the first time since last year.
All these wonderful places that I got to know on this trip are only a small part of what this wonderful planet has to offer and what I still want to see and experience.

It is the rainy season here and so I have had time to work through the last few years since the start of this trip in the logbook.
Thousands of pictures, wonderful and painful memories.
For my friends and those who are interested in traveling I have put together 2 x7 years of "best of Odinsailing pictures" as collages.
The Ratzfatz, Ruckzuck, Zack Zack version from 14 years of sailing & travel adventures.
You can start this little journey through time without a vaccination or a mask.