Saltwater Jungle lake

06. June 2021, Sunday
11° 14' 33" N, 119° 21' 0" E

We are back at our anchorage where we met our friendly fishermen.
They told Frel about a circular saltwater lake in the jungle, surrounded by mangroves.
That sounded unusual and Frel's face glowed with anticipation.
The four boys offered to lead us to this lake in the interior of the island, as we would probably never find it alone.
I have to admit that I do not share Frel's enthusiasm for botany, but I knew that I would not be able to avoid this "walk.

33 degrees, no wind and a humidity of over 90% replace every sauna infusion.
Quite honestly ... between us ... my ecstasy for the mangrove pond in the jungle was limited, what could have inspired me at this point would have been a cold beer, you know ... because of the electrolytes lost through sweat currents;)
But Frel is excited because she has never seen a mangrove-lined saltwater lake in the jungle live. PFFFFT!

The reason for this phenomenon she explained to me is actually quite simple.
We climbed uphill for ages, but also downhill for just as long.
Through the numerous caves and passages, the sea finds its way through the coral rock into this part of the jungle and this is how this salt lake was created.
Our fisher friends were happy about the enthusiasm of Frel and I was looking forward to a cold beer on board Odin ... after the way back. ;)