Once again totally touched

30. May 2021, Sunday
11° 13' 2" N, 119° 20' 58" E

6 o'clock in the morning.
There is a knock on our ship.
Drunk asleep I look out of the hatch and look into the grinning face of one of the fishermen whom we brought ashore the day before some portions of spaghettis
well as other food from our provisions and my hardly used second diving fins had brought ashore.
He and his colleagues were outside all night to give us a treat with fish, mussels, crabs and lobster.
We are very touched and once again impressed..
What little these poor fishermen have, they still share with us. How nice to be able to experience this that these simple people have kept their hospitality and do not see a floating ATM in every yacht. We prepare a BBQ, get some beers for the boys from the fridge and invite them to a little barbecue party together at lunchtime.
Everything is perfect ... except for the fact that I don't like fish at all. ;)