Adventure in Borneo! Invalid credit card, no money and Bank account suspended.

05. April 2023, Wednesday
5° 58' 36" N, 116° 6' 12" E

For some time I noticed that my right eye was getting worse and worse.
Even ever stronger lenses only temporarily improved vision.
The ophthalmologist diagnosed a cataract and advised me to have an operation in the next months whenever it is convenient or whenever there is a chance for a good doctor .
Well bravo! So now the ravages of time are gnawing at my eyes….wrinkles are probably not enough!
Let's make the best of it and combine the surgery appointment in Kota Kinabalu with a little vacation from vacation.We leave Odin in Kudat and drive to Kota Kinabalu.
A nice hotel with a gym and a swimming pool in a big city with shopping centers and lots of shops is just the right thing...I thought.

One of the best eye clinics in Kota Kinabalu is EyeMedics.
The appointment had been planned for some time for the preliminary examination and in the end the OP sum for both eyes had to be paid in advance. No transfer, only cash or credit card.
No problem….I thought. But I hadn't counted on the repeated incompetence of my bank. They had blocked my card because they had sent a new one to my postal address in Germany in January, but the post office came back with a clever note that I had moved to an unknown address.
I thought I had clarified this with the geniuses at Targo Bank, that I still have my postal address there and that the postal clerk probably didn't feel like delivering the letter by card.
I asked the employee on the phone to block this new card sent back to Targo and to send me a new one, but not to block my current card, which is valid until the end of May, because I am abroad and it will take some time before the new card that was issued reached me.
Of course the targo blocked the card I am currently using and the new one did not arrived to me yet. Imagine, I am now in Kota Kinabalu at the reception of the clinic unable to pay my bill. All the hassle for free.
I am trying to send cash to Mr myself via Western Union from my account, but mix up the secret numbers 3x and the account is blocked!
Bravo! Well done Bühring!

What now?
Postpone the OP and debit the whole thing as "Nothing except expenses"?
I have to organize now!
Robert and Anne Marie, two sailing friends, also happen to be in Kota Kinabalu.
Will they lend me the money for the two surgeries?
How do I pay this back as soon as possible?

Of course they both want to help and pay my bill for the clinic in advance.
I contact my dear Uts, with whom I have sailed the seven seas for years, and ask her to send me cash and transfer the amount back to Robert and Anne Marie immediately.
Said and done!
Great thousand thanks dear Robert and dear Anne Marie and a big kiss to my dear Uts.
Phew, after this problem has been solved, the two surgeries can now be carried out a few days apart and I am delighted with the result. Many thanks also to Dr. Lisa Tan Son Earn and her team from the Eye Medics Clinic in Kota Kinabalu. Good work!
However, it is indeed vey nice to have a clear vision but … most people haven’t gotten prettier since then.