Here and now

05. June 2022, Sunday
13° 25' 37" N, 121° 0' 41" E

Odin is still swooning at her mooring in Puerto Galera Bay.
Not only do we like the place very much, but also the whole of Mindoro.
Almost every day we are on the road with a rented scooter to explore this large and diverse island.
About an hour and a half drive from Puerto Galera we found a traditional Mindoro indigenous village.
The people there would hardly have a career as basketball players in the NBA because they are quite small even by Philippine standards.
The amiable and friendly people belong to the Mangjan tribe and still live largely in their old tribal traditions.
They proudly tell us that they have been living in "modern" houses for several years now.
Before, the houses were a lot smaller and would have made perfect tree houses for hobbits.
Something else from the modern age has also found its way: Family planning.
The families now only have 3 to 5 children since several years. Before it was between 8 and 10 little rascals.
Although the Mangian are poor as church mice, they are content and kind to the strangers who visit their village.
We drive through beautiful landscapes, dense forests, coastal roads and waterfalls and just enjoy the here and now.